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Light Industrial & Commercial Zoning & ARU's

Where to Locate additional Light Industrial Zoning

Northern South Park. Connect to existing Gregory Lane indusrial zone across High School Road using adjacent roadway easement adjacent to the RV dump station. Protect Flat Creek from connecting road with a new storm sewer and create additional light industrial zone directly south of the Jackson Hole High School. Buffer from HWY 89 with open space directly adjacent to the road and a ring zone of affordable housing between industrial zone and open space. Extend Middle School Road across HS Road to connect to industrial/ affordable housing zones and provide additional E/W access road from Hwy 89. This would essential become a dense commercial & light industrial pocket adjacent to the town boundary, surrounded by affordable housing for screening from additional residential area(s) concentrated in northern South Park.

I still firmly believe that PRD and zoning regulations should be crafted to either incentivize or mandate the transfer of development potential from the adjacent large rural lands in South Park to an area of increased residential and commercial density adjacent to or within the Town of Jackson. I would suggest that using this transferred development potential be a requirement of using the PMUD tool in town, as well as the development of this new area of residential & commercial zoning in North Park.

Additional Light Industrial home business use?

Yes- throughout the county. I am an advocate of this type of mixed home business use in all zones. I myself operate a cabinet shop out of my garage, and recognize this as a historical “ranching community” type of use and development pattern. Private subdivisions can, of course, prohibit this use through their CCR’s.

Additional Commercial Zones

In addition to creating the commercial/ light industrial area mentioned above, a similar tool should be available in South Park between Rafter J and Melody Ranch, with a more convenience commercial rather than light industrial character, again created through the redistribution of development potential currently available on proximate rural lands. This might lead to the creation of a much smaller commercial zone along S.Park Loop Road, perhaps where the existing gravel operation is located, along with the permanent protection of the rest of the currently undeveloped property.

It follows logically, that if the rural land owners with property proximate to the Town of Jackson are allowed through the Comp Plan to create zones such as these, then a similar tool should be available to other rural land owners in other parts of the county. This might lead to some additional convenience commercial zoning in Alta, Buffalo Valley and Kelly. Which may be appropriate to serve the existing residential communities in those areas, if and only if large tracts of contiguous rural property were permanently protected from development.

This is essential a modification of the PRD too to create commercial or mixed use properties rather than solely residential ones, which might be preferable to creating the individual 9/35 acres pods of strictly residential development allowed by our current PRD tools.

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