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The documents below were written to my fellow Joint Town & County Planning Commissioners, as well as the Planning Department Staff and our Elected Officials during the recent rewrite of the Teton County Coimprehensive Plan. They represent my views on numerous planning issues.

March 7, 2014

I'm writing today to elicit input from local design and construction industry stakeholders regarding Monday's Planning Commission meeting on the adoption of 2012 building code updates and Teton County's local amendments to those codes.  We reviewed this item once, and...

January 11, 2012



I recommend the following changes to the Proposed Character Districts: 


Complete Neighborhood Areas of Transition      

Bullet point 1: Areas that "most of the community would agree" should be re-worded to eliminate that phrase. Nowhere else in the document...

May 28, 2010

I see two overarching contradictions between the policies outlined throughout the Revised Comprehensive Plan and the directives the Joint Planning Commission have issued. The first is the elimination of ARU’s in the unincorporated county. Apparently, much of the public...

April 12, 2010

First off

I would like to express my support for Commissioner McCarthy’s comments and recommendations, which are themselves based on the mission of the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project. A good starting point. Like Commissioner McCarthy, I feel our Comprehensiv...

March 12, 2010

  1. Green Resort/ Eco-Tourism: promote these goals in addition to our outdoor recreation, wildlife, scenic resources and accessibility to public lands. This is now and will continue to be a good fit for our local economy.

  2. In addition, I believe the more establishe...

February 11, 2010

PD Comments in RED.

This is a markup of a County Planning Department Draft Policy document. 


Policy 2.1c Allow density bonuses in order to conserve open space


Top of page 31:” However, a Transferable Development Rights program that promotes increased density in existing...

February 4, 2010

The following suggestions elaborate upon County Planning Commission principle #18, “ Place more emphasis on Principal 4.3 and the idea of developing a portfolio of methods for meeting our housing needs that includes rentals, shared equity loans, and [tax] incentives fo...

December 9, 2009

Auxiliary residential Units (ARU's)


As you know, I am not in agreement with the elimination of all ARU’s from the Comp. Plan. My thoughts on this are that these units add density in appropriate locations, where homes with infrastructure already exists. They also repres...

November 13, 2009

Where to Locate additional Light Industrial Zoning


Northern South Park. Connect to existing Gregory Lane indusrial zone across High School Road using adjacent roadway easement adjacent to the RV dump station. Protect Flat Creek from connecting road with a new storm sew...

June 29, 2009


1.    First of all, we need to decisively quantify the total number of dwelling units currently allowed in each of the Districts identified in the current Draft, using only base zoning district allowances without density bonuses of any  kind. I envision a detailed Exc...

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